Alta – Karasjok

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Skiing across Finnmarksvidda (Northern Norway)

Finnmarksvidda is a national park in the most northern part of Norway. During the winter there are good conditions for skiing and winter expeditions. If you are lucky there is also a possibility to see the northern lights dance over the sky when the weather is clear.

Our trip goes from “the city of the northen light” Alta to “the sami-city” Karasjok. The expedition will last for 5 days, and we are going to ski 90 km (about 15-20 km per day). We will stay 3 nights in a tent, and 1 night in a cabin that’s owned and runed by a sami family. Other than skiing the expedition will contain winter-camping, ice-fishing (and fishnet setting under the ice), and a lot of sami/norwegian culture (food, animal life, climate).

The expedition will start at 1. April and last until 7. April. It will cost 12 500,- Norwegian kr (about 1260 euro).

For any questions or booking please send us a mail at hakon@sofaliv.noor


Photo by Jon Kolstø